Ewha Campus Visit: 128th Anniversary

Board members of the International Foundation for Ewha Womans University visited the Ewha campus on May 29th-30th to commemorate Ewha’s 128th anniversary.

For some members, it was their first visit to Ewha – or to Korea. They visited the chapel, the auditorium and took a campus tour, visiting the Ewha Welcome Center, the Archives and Museum. In the ECC building, they visited the Donors' Wall, where the Foundation's name and some of the board members' names are engraved, and met with scholarship recipients. This meeting with students inspired board members to continue expanding funds in order to provide scholarships to more students.

The board members then attended a commemoration ceremony and luncheon with the guests, alumnae, faculty, staffs, and friends of Ewha University.“Last time I visited Ewha, the construction of the ECC was just starting,” the Foundation's president Bishop Rader said. “I was totally amazed by how much the school has changed and improved during the last couple of years. The commemoration ceremony was so precisely done, well organized, and the time with president Kim and faculties was very pleasant.”

The Foundation presented the University with copies of River of Faith, the 40-years history book of the Foundation, which was translated in Korean and published by the University Press. At the luncheon, Bishop Rader was given an acknowledgement of the Foundation's support for the University, and its supporters, including alumnae.

이화국제재단 이사진은 이화여자대학교 창립 128주년을 맞이하여 지난 5월 이화캠퍼스를 방문하였다. 이화를 처음 방문하거나 한국 방문이 처음인 이사도 있었다. 대강당 가득한 학생들과 함께 드린 채플은 감동이었으며, 이화역사관과 박물관을 비롯한 학교 탐방에 이어 국제재단을 통해 전달된 장학금을 받은 학생들과 만나는 시간도 가졌다. 학생들과의 만남을 통해 이사진은 국제재단의 존재 이유를 확인하였으며, 더욱 장학사업에 매진할 것을 다짐하였다. 몇년마다 눈에 띄게 변화와 발전을 이루는 이화에 감탄한다는 레이더 이사장은, 128주년 기념오찬에서 대학교로부터 특별 감사패를 받았다. 레이더 이사장은 "북미주의 많은 동창을 비롯하여 국제재단을 통해 이화대학을 후원하는 모든 분들을 대신하여 이 패를 수여한다. 그분들에게 감사드린다"며 소감을 전하였다.

  Foundation Assistance to Ewha (July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012) $
  Appenzeller Memorial Scholarship 7,500
  Byung Joon & Bok Hyung Lee Scholarship 3,000
  Campus Master Plan 17,500
  Chang Hyun Shin Geer Scholarship 5,000
  Chun Hi & Joseph Crivello Scholarship 3,000
  Dorothy Smith Estate for Library 8,540
  Dr. Hae Soon Lee Scholarship for Medical School 1,500
  EGPP 110,000
  Florence M. Trull Memorial Scholarship 2,500
  Grant for Summer School 1,200
  Hak He Rhee & Chong Soo Pyun Scholarship 16,245
  Harriet P. Morris Memorial Scholarship 7,500
  Heeyul Lee Cho Scholarship 2,500
  Helen Kim Memorial Scholarship 5,000
  Henrietta Gibson Ladden Memorial Scholarship 5,000
  Heung Sook Kim MD Scholarship 2,500
  Hong, Kyung Joo Scholarship 5,000
  Hyun Sook Ryu Nursing Scholarship 60,000
  Initiative Ewha - Paju Project 2,000
  Inwha Oh Ahn Scholarship 20,000
  John D. Yun Scholarship 2,500
  Kathryne B. Sears Memorial Scholarship 5,000
  Keun Hee Park Lim Scholarship 2,500
  Kilchai K. Yim Memorial Scholarship 2,500
  LA YoungNak Church Alumnae Scholarship 1,000
  Mamie Lee Finger Memorial Scholarship 2,500
  Marian Sharrocks Intemann Memorial Scholarship 5,000
  Marion Conrow Memorial Scholarship 2,500
  Medical School Research Fund 10,000
  Myung Soon Woo Chung Scholarship 5,000
  New York Alumnae Scholarship 10,000
  Okgill Kim Memorial Scholarship 5,000
  P. William Lee Scholarship 2,500
  Pfeiffer Fund 30,000
  Sadie Maude Moore Scholarship 2,500
  San Francisco Alumnae Scholarship 5,000
  For School of Music 5,000
  Seattle Alumnae Scholarship 2,500
  Seabury Visiting Scholar Program 9,000
  Shin Hyung Kim Memorial Scholarship 2,000
  Sollie E. McCreless Memorial Scholarship 2,500
  Sook Hyun Lee Scholarship 7,500
  Southern California Alumnae Scholarship 5,000
  SunBaeRaMen Scholarship 30,020
  Susan Ruby Lamb Memorial Scholarship 2,500
  The Whilsmith Memorial Scholarship 2,500
  Washington DC Alumnae Scholarship 5,000
  Dr. Young-Hee Lowe Scholarship 3,000
  Young Za Kim Scholarship 15,000
  TOTAL $470,505

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